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Winning At The Game Of Head and Tails
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Winning At The Game Of Head and Tails

Date Published: 22nd November 2020
Author: Andrew Harmon
Head and tails or in simple terms tossing a coin is a game based on luck. Apart from it being a favorite game in gambling since the two players have almost the same chance of winning, throwing of a coin is some times also used for settling disputes, starting a sporting event, or even in some magic shows. The main object in this game is a normally a circular object that can be made of metals, plastic, or glass. Coins were mainly created to serve as a means of exchange of values, and they were part of the earliest items used as money in the human population.

Winning At The Game Of Head and Tails

With the creation of paper money, their use as legal tender has diminished greatly, although some countries still offer the item as legal tender, coins are currently more used for other non-financial activities. The coin is structured to have two faces, with one of the faces called a head while the other face is called a tail. Tossing of coins goes beyond betting. Due to how fair its result is viewed by the public, the event is some times used to solve normal daily issues, break deadlocks, and even make important decisions.

Therefore, knowing how to go about this game to shift the odds to your favor can give you an unfair advantage over others, and really who doesn't fancy an unfair advantage. Although it is largely believed that tossing a coin is a fair event, it is not. The person throwing the coin can easily manipulate its toss to their favor by mastering the art of the toss. Even if you are not the one tossing and it is a neutral person, always go for the side of this coin that is facing up before a throw.

With the creation of paper money,

Normally people are led to believe that when a coin is thrown its probability of facing either of its sides is 50:50. However, in practice, the side facing up before the throw has a higher probability of being the outcome of this flip, with at least a 2% higher chance of being the result of this throw. But when you are the one throwing this coin, you have a better chance of tweaking its outcome to your favor. Practice makes perfection, you can master the throw. It will not take you that long to learn before you can throw a coin in a way it will always bring an outcome you previously predicted.

Instead of tossing a coin, you can also choose to spin the coin. When you spin a coin, it has a higher probability of falling headfirst since its center of gravity is skewed to its head side. It is because it has more concentration of the metal or other material it was made with. Throwing a coin is not a completely fair game and you can take advantage of its little loopholes to always get an outcome in your favor.
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