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Why Realflipacoin.net Is popular
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Why Realflipacoin.net Is popular

Date Published: 10th May 2020
Author: Andrew Harmon
Coin flipping was used long time ago as a method of decision making. It has been used up-to-date to choose alternatives on two different choices or resolve a dispute between two parties. Nowadays it is used for gambling and betting purposes in different places in the world. Real flip a coin is an online flipping coin game play website. Players get to choose among a number of this game as offered on the website from time to time. All games on real flip a coin website are gambling games, this is where you bet some money and you win or lose it at the end of the match.

Coin flipping is a luck dependent exercise with almost equal opportunities for the outcome to be decided in a matter of seconds. In some instances, contestants select either side of the coin before it is tossed. The contestant who selects the side that ends facing up is the winner of the toss. In other cases the one who tosses the coin covers it with the palm of his hands immediately he catches it and the contestants each select their expected outcomes. Flip a Coin presents a fifty-fifty chance of winning or losing.

Below are factors to considered related to bitcoin flip a coin which are important to note down:


1. FAIR: Playing flip a coin requires a lot of fairness. There is a possibility of a fraudulent system extorting your money. For instance, it makes you win a few times initially tempting you to put more money into the game. After putting more money, the system might sweep everything by making you lose the game. In addition, if the player is using Bitcoin, the system might offer you a lower currency conversion rate if it is not genuine.

2. SECURITY: Security is also an important factor after making sure it is fair. Even if your system is fair in operations, but not strong in the built-up or operations, outside attacks might happen. Security ensures the players play with no fear of any potential risks.

3. ELIGIBILITY: In a Bitcoin flip a coin game, you have to check eligibility at two stages. At first, one needs result in you losing out all your money. Eligibility to go gambling in their country is an important factor. Another important factor is that the player should be eligible to deal in Bitcoin in their specific geographic region.


4. CONVENIENCE: After considering all the above factors for a Bitcoin Flip a Coin game, next, you must also consider your convenience. Some portals are inherently more comfortable than the others. It can be the design features, the graphics, the audio visuals, and the options of the flip a coin game available that might appeal to you. So, whatever it is, one must choose a platform of one’s own choice and convenience. It can add significantly to the overall entertainment in a Bitcoin flip a coin game play.

Requirements to flip a coin include a computer connected to strong internet, some bitcoins and a login id and password on the website. The games involved in with the website are classified into; Two Player games, Round Robin games and Winner Picks games. Real flip a coin has become popular because of the following reasons;

1. VARIATION: Real flip a coin offers many of variations of the same flip a coin, coin tossing game, which are all different and yet the same. This tends makes it fun since despite playing for the money, fun as well is important and games become boring if they are the same all the time. Players enjoy this game endlessly because of the unlimited variations that real flip a coin has to offer.


2. ASSURANCE: Real flip a coin is absolutely foolproof and safe from a security point of view. It protects from the risk of the website infringing into your bitcoin wallet. Real flip a coin assures safety to the players from any risk of money laundering and this makes players to feel safe and hence enjoy the game even more. When players are assured of safety they tend to play more often and attract more players as well.

3. FREEBIES: Despite many online bitcoin flip gambling website offer freebies, none of them is generous a real flip a coin. A large amount of costs for real flip a coin are cut because of a number of factors which include multinational operations, varied game-plays, a large number of enrolled players as well as a many affiliates. This therefore contributes majorly to more freebies in form of assured prizes, sign up bonuses e.t.c.

4. OUTCOMES: Real flip a coin allows players to predict a number of outcomes of a continuous flip in one sitting. This therefore makes it an exciting game for any player, and prizes included are attractive for anyone that wants to participate in it. The game becomes more interesting due to the number of predictions put up and hence attracting more players.


5. BITCOINS: Real flip a coin allows use of bitcoins which makes it fast since all payments are done without the interference of third parties such as banks or other financial institutions. Since all transactions are between the users and operator, money transfers become fast and seamless. It also provides anonymity since the wallet address is the only publicly available information during the transaction and hence players do not have to provide any personal data. Transactions are made without the bank interference, so players pay comparatively low fees or no fee at all.

6. REGULATED: Real flip a coin is regulated and only people of eligible age are allowed to play. In some countries the eligible age is 18 years while in other countries it is 21 years hence real flip a coin is very strict about that rule. Regulations are key in this game to ensure all rules are followed to the latter.

7. SIMPLE: Real flip a coin is simple and easy game to learn that anyone can be able to grasp how it is played. It can however only be played by adults of the required legal age. Flip a Coin is actually a fun and exciting game, a great way to unwind from a hectic day. It is an interesting game that does not require a lot of concentration or mental faculty. Real flip a coin has been ranked among the top 5 most loved games so far for the year 2020.

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