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Use of a Coin Flip machine
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Use of a Coin Flip machine

Date Published: 5th October 2020
Author: Garey Kennedy
A Coin Flip machine is a medium, that is found in businesses, that gives users the opportunity to purchase, and sell Bitcoin with cash as well as other cryptocurrencies that are available. The Coin Flip is one of the top Bitcoin ATM operators all over the globe, and they are known for keeping their customer support channels open at all times. And their fees are one of the lowest when compared to other operators. Purchase of cryptocurrency using a Coin Flip machine can be done using their bank transfer service known as Coin Flip Preferred as well as debit, and credit card purchases on available platforms.

Use of a Coin Flip machine

The Coin Flip brand began about five years ago in 2015, and they boost of over a hundred thousand loyal customers. And made over seven hundred, and fifty thousand transactions so far, making them one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency operators all over the globe. Their customer service is top-notch as they are always available to attend to their customers. Using a Coin Flip machine is actually quite simple, as the user should first select the cryptocurrency that he wants to purchase, then click on the buy sign. After this, the user is asked by the terminal how much cryptocurrency he wants to purchase in the United States dollar.

Next, the buyer should use the ATM's scanner to scan his public key or wallet QR code, and then, the bills should be inserted until the desired amount of cryptocurrency is reached. Then, the buttons that are labelled Buy Bitcoin or Buy Altcoins such as Bitcoin, which are located at the down right edge, bringing an end to the successful transaction. The buyer would be required to wait for a short time while the transaction is broadcast to its appropriate network before the purchased cryptocurrencies find their way into his wallet.

The Coin Flip brand began about

Users can also sell the available cryptocurrencies, which are Bitcoin, which is referred to as BTC, and Litecoin, whose short form is LTC on the terminal's screen. Selling these cryptocurrencies is as easy as buying them by the user. First, the buyer should press the LTC or BTC buttons, and click on sell. Next, he would be asked by the terminal how much cash he would like to be withdrawn. At this point, the buyer should use the increment amounts on the terminal's screen to input the desired amount that he wants to be withdrawn. After this is completed, the terminal prints out a redeemable voucher that has a public key QR code, and will state the amount of crypto that the buyer is required to transfer to the given wallet address.

Moving on, the transaction is then broadcast, but the user still has to wait for one network confirmation before he gets his cash. The user goes to the terminal's screen to click on redeem ticket, after the network confirmation arrives, so that he can scan his voucher. After this is done, the inputted amount of cash is dispensed, bringing an end to the successful transaction. In cases of unsuccessful transactions, more details can be gotten from the customer service.
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