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Tricks On How To Win A Coin Toss
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Tricks On How To Win A Coin Toss

Date Published: 6th October 2020
Author: Garey Kennedy
Coin tossing, you have probably heard or even participated in. This practice takes place between two or more parties and primarily involves a coin. The whole idea is to enable one side to win or both sides to agree on one thing. So the coin is tossed into the air and as it comes down it is grabbed and checked which side is showing. The participants of the game are supposed to guess which side is showing, the one who gets the correct side wins, and whatever they were betting on or doing goes by his or her call.


This act of coin flipping is done by nearly everybody and the chances of you also engaging in this practice are very high. Let us take the example of a commonly watched game, football. In the English Premier League, the players headed by the captain are asked to choose a side of a coin, either head or the tail. So whoever chooses the side that lands on top kicks off the match. This is a crucial and important part of any football match because whichever team that starts the match may have an advantage during the first minutes of the game.

Let us dive into the very first trick and this involves the texture of the surfaces of the coin. Here you should ensure that you look for a good coin, one that has not been used for quite a long time and is starting to look bad or even is wearing out. An American quarter coin is a good example of a good coin for flipping. So you will notice that the head side is much smoother than the tail side. Here is what you do, once you flip the coin feel the texture as you smack it on the back of your hand. Keep in mind the idea of texture on the sides and make your choice, you will realize that you make the right choice and winning.

This act of coin flipping is

In this other trick, it is rather tricky but really works on almost all occasions. The whole idea behind this is the aspect of odds and your confidence. What are the odds that the coin will face the side that you want it to? Just use any coin that you wish and instead of flipping it, spin the coin on its edge. Once the coin is spinning choose tails and be confident about your choice. You may wonder if this will really work and if you have the chance of winning. Well, a spinning coin lands on tails about eighty percent of the time.

The next trick is really easy to catch and it also needs practice. You take the coin and put it on your middle finger. Put your thumb above your middle finger so that the coin is held and making sure that the side that you want is facing upwards so that the coin lands there, thereafter you will snap your finger and this will make the coin to wobble and look as though the coin is spinning, the coin will come back to the original position and you will have convinced your friends and peers that you have won the coin toss, they will believe the act and accept defeat and you will have won.

Let us dive into the very

The tricks behind coin flipping are all about manipulating the eye of the spectator and making it look like they are actually losing and you are winning. It takes a lot of practice on some of the skills to avoid embarrassing yourself before your fellow friends or colleagues. You need to realize that the tricks may not work as per your liking, with good practice and effort you will definitely shine and walk away with a win. Something you need to put a lot of interest into is the coin, this is the most important part of these tricks. If you use a bad coin with irregular texture then you cannot determine which part is the head and the other tail. When you are playing this game make sure that you look confident so that nobody suspects you. Others will look uneasy and disturbed and you will be showing signals that you are playing dirty.
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