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Tips To Win A Coin Toss
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Tips To Win A Coin Toss

Date Published: 19th January 2021
Author: Andrew Harmon
Coin flipping may look simple at the beginning before someone starts to lose in the game. A player can't just toss a coin and catch a coin randomly without applying any techniques. If you want to be successful in coin flipping, it is important to use tricks. Following these steps systematically will help you perform the toss correctly, hence maximizing your chances of winning. Research has proven some methods to work when used correctly in the game. Once you acquire the basic knowledge, 5 minutes of practice should be enough to memorize a play.

Tips To Win A Coin Toss

A player could increase the chances of winning by 68% from 50%. The first step is to make sure you are the one doing the flipping. You won't be able to use tricks and techniques once your opponent flips the coin. Feel a coin while identifying which side is head or tail. Not looking at the coin when doing this is advisable to avoid suspicion. The rougher side is always the tail and the smoother part is the head. After identifying both sides, the player may proceed to the next step.

Taking a look at the sides secretly is more assuring than feeling alone. An opponent shouldn't be suspicious of this move as it may result in a ban. Proceed to flick your thumb gently after placing your dime at the tip of your finger. At this point, the experience is the best weapon to maximize a success rate. Always position a dime on your thumb then gently flick to produce a rotation. A player may use a dominant hand to prevent too much force while flicking. If too much force is used, a dime may fly away from your grip leading to a coin getting lost or inaccurate results.

A player could increase the chances

This technique gets better when practiced regularly and correctly. Coin flipping requires experience before performing perfect flips. A player should be caught with a hand used to toss to ensure accuracy. You will be required to feel the coin sides to identify a head or tail. Practice flipping and catching the coin to prevent suspicion from an opponent. Too many flips and a coin might fly away while fewer flips will make the toss look unfair. Sliding a thumb unnoticed after a catch is the best way to identify sides.

Challenge your opponent once you have mastered all methods and able to check sides secretly. Hurrying to a contest without caution will unveil your secrets of success.
Tips To Win A Coin Toss
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