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The Use of Coin Toss to Determine Fate
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The Use of Coin Toss to Determine Fate

Date Published: 27th December 2020
Author: Leslie Stafford
Coin tossing was invented to use the outcome of a coin to determine the fate of the players. Other than the use of coins to trade, they are used, even to this day, as a means of determining fate through probabilities. It was originally used in cases to find out who would do certain tasks, jobs for kings.

The Use of Coin Toss to Determine Fate

These shiny metals are produced from elements like gold, silver, bronze, and sometimes copper. Even though printed paper money is more in circulation compared to olden days when printed paper money was not available, there are still coins circulating the population. In some countries, coins are meant for good luck, riches, spreading around houses is believed to bring fortune. Coins are tossed into fountains of water for wishes to come true, they are then donated to less privileged children. Indecisive people find the tossing of coins, depending on their outcomes, comforting. In many studies, it was found that the most indecisive people were happy with following the probability outcomes of flipping coins.

Questions whether to quit a job, get leave, date a person, have children, travel, what to wear. Whether to get married or see someone at a restaurant is answered depending on the results of the tossed coin. It is funny that most of the hardest decisions that could affect someone's life drastically, either for good or bad, are dependent on tossing of a coin with a 50 to 50 ratio of being head or tail, heads meant to go for it while tails mean abort mission. In some areas, strategies such as these are termed irresponsible or careless decisions as matters relating to the well-being of their lives and people around them are attached to tossing of a metal. Those who make decisions by the flipping of coins are seen to be happier than those who go through the actual stress of deciding their lives.

These shiny metals are produced from

Football games either played for a competition in schools, internationally or played for fun usually use the means of flipping to check which of the teams would kick off the game. This is a fair way of determining to prevent unnecessary theories that a team is favored over the other. Referee flips the coin, either catches it before it drops or waits for it to touch the ground before reading. Before flipping, captains are asked for their picks, the result that matches the option picked by either of the team captains gets to kick off the football game. Coins to be used for tossing during football games must be large, heavy and easy to read to avoid misunderstandings.

Some cases were found in which tosses were unfair, so many reasons pointed to this fact. Probability tosses were not found to be of ratio 50 to 50 when the coin was slightly bent or tampered with. Coins were found to have flipped to the heavier side of the face, this theory was written after experiments were conducted on a coin. The results were shocking as the probability changed and was not found to be equal to the normal 50 to 50 chances. To avoid mistakes and cheating in games, a new technology was invented by learned scientists, mathematical professors and physicists.
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The Use of Coin Toss to Determine Fate
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