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The Teaching of Flipping A Coin
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The Teaching of Flipping A Coin

Date Published: 12th January 2021
Author: Lowell Forest
Coin tossing exists as a simple event that is carried out by simply flipping a coin into the air or spinning the object on a hard surface. This act is generally easy to learn since it doesn't even have any complex steps and can take anyone just a few minutes to get a hang of it. However, mastering the art of tossing a coin wherein a person can manipulate a toss to get the result a person wants is much more complex than just learning the basic throw. In comparison to the latter, learning how to toss or spin a coin in a predetermined way takes considerably more time to master. Lots of activities exist where the skill can prove not just useful but similarly important.

The Teaching of Flipping A Coin

We believe in the fairness of a coin throw, that it is majorly determined by luck. You can take advantage of this misplaced belief and create your luck by learning how to properly toss a coin in your favor. The coin toss is used in several activities for men, from settling disputes to kicking off sporting events. Having a hang of how to toss this coin will surely tilt the result into your favor when faced with these scenarios. One thing you should have at the back of your mind when learning a coin toss is that no coin flip result is fair. Even if the person that tosses the coin is neutral the outcome is not 50:50 balanced between the two opposing sides. Most times, the side of the coin facing up before the coin is thrown is favored to be the outcome of the throw.

If you are the person tossing the coin, you can even have more freedom to manipulate the result in your favor. Practice makes perfection, this also works in this activity, the more you practice a throw the more you get familiar with the process and the better you become at flipping a coin. Throughout your practice regime make sure you use the same coin throughout to keep a constant rhythm of the training and not keep setting yourself back due to an unnecessary disruption due to changing of a coin. Practice periodically, every day if you could make it happen, you always want to be constantly familiar with how to go about a toss, and you never know when it might be needed.

We believe in the fairness of

Try learning different styles of throwing a coin, using a same style repeatedly can make your opponent suspicious, and we don't want that. You can learn to throw a coin like a Frisbee, which will make a thrown coin land the same way it was thrown. This skill is hard to master and even harder to pull off without getting caught but it assures you a 100% accurate result. Adding a little wobble to a tossed coin so it would simulate a flip can make it convincing that it was thrown fairly.

Instead of doing a practiced flip or a fake flip, a person can also opt for spinning a coin on a hard surface. It is similarly not quite fair since the coin's head usually has a higher concentration of metal or whatever this object was made with than its tail, its center of gravity is usually tilted to its head. Therefore, when spun it has a higher probability of falling on its head, so always go for the tail.
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