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The possibility of cheating in coin flipping
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The possibility of cheating in coin flipping

Date Published: 22nd October 2020
Author: Andrew Harmon
The coin is one form of money that has been in existence for ages. It is generally small in size compared to other forms of money with a flat and round shape. The coin majors as a currency for many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, Canada, Australia etc. Many countries produce these coins to have an important icon drawn on one side of the coin to remember or honor the memory of that person.

From the inception of coin use, the term “Obverse and Reverse” has come into reality. It is observed that all the icons used in the coins were the head of countries, states or major establishment. The obverse and reverse term using animal analogy, reasons to believe that if one side is head, the other end must be the tail. This term is now used in many aspects such as arts, drawing, paper money, seal, medals as one side is the front face and the other back face.

The possibility of cheating in coin flipping

A different perspective shows that coins are objects easy to play with, its size and material partly contributes to this. It is carried all over to play games in casinos, pay for vending machine services etc. A popular practice was developed from playing with coins that relates to obverse and reverse called Coin flipping or Tossing. This action aims to derive a fifty-fifty probability as there are two possibilities. Basically, a person tosses the coin up in the air and checks which side faces up when it lands. This process is usually done with the hands, the thumb flips the coin and it is caught between the two palms.

There are many reasons why the practice is done at an alarming rate. It is used to solve arguments between two people or groups. People use it to make decisions about their daily lives in a “yes or no” format. This trick works in the sense that if the result of the flip about two decisions makes you sad, then the other decision is your choice. An example would be a child’s choice in buying an Xbox or Play Station for the perfect gaming experience.

There are many reasons why the

The coin toss is now used in many sporting capacities around the world. Firstly, it decides who starts a match first between two teams in football, baseball etc. Secondly, it is used to honor people who have achieved great things in different fields.

This fifty-fifty action is considered by some to be an avenue for cheating. The knowledge that the head side of many coins usually have more weight than the opposite side helps in using physics to reduce the probability odds. Research shows that the coin toss by a single person follows a particular manner. It is therefore possible for the handler to toss the coin at a certain rate that it flips and lands on the side they wanted. This is obviously not a one-day effort; it could take months or years to master. To have a better chance at a perfect coin toss, it must be flipped in an intense manner.
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The possibility of cheating in coin flipping
The coin is one form of money that has been in existence for ages. It is generally small in size compared to other forms of money ...
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