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The Outcome of Flipping a Coin Four Times
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The Outcome of Flipping a Coin Four Times

Date Published: 3rd October 2020
Author: Kelvin Sherwood
Games are activities with some set of rules, performed by people, with the aim of entertainment, competition or learning. They are played by an individual or a group of people. The mode of playing could either be online or offline and can be physical or virtual. Since it involves competition between players, the aim is to win but there is either a winner or loser when playing. While some games are for the sole purpose of entertainment and fun, some games have evolved beyond that and have become source of income for people who are involved different activities of a game.

Classification of games can be based on different conditions which could be the tools used which could be balls, cards coins, computer or boards. Action performed is also another way of classifying them and this could be active or passive in nature. The number of players could be just one, two, three or more than that. Some games have unlimited number of participants and an example of such is betting. Physical and mental involvements are ways by which they could be grouped. Some games like dancing, football, hide and seek use more physical involvement while chess, Ludo, Cards, use more of Mental involvement. The aim of playing could be to show superiority, for the fun of it, to be more educated or to help in development of some certain skills.

The Outcome of Flipping a Coin Four(4) Times.

The gaming system is defined by sets of rules which help to guide gameplay. Rules are sets of instructions to be followed by the players or participants of a particular game. These rules are also responsible for the evolution and creation of new games. Taking football into consideration, it is a game played between two teams in which participants chase after the ball to put the ball into the opponent's net. It has it set of rules which involve using legs, or head and not including any part of the hand to hit the ball. Other ball games are played in teams but they have rules that distinguish them from football

Coin flipping is used in different games and it can as well stand alone as a game. It has more than a name as it can be called coin tossing and heads or tails. A coin is a metallic material that is shaped into disc form, used as piece of currency or game play. In a Casino, it is used as a unit of amount possessed by a player.

Coin flipping is used in different

The history of Coin flipping dates back to the olden days in which coins are used to make certain decisions. In this case, the coin is thrown into the air and it is allowed to oscillate a number of times before the result is picked. Beforehand, a side of the metal would have been picked to represent a particular decision to be made. The coin is either allowed to hit the ground, or could be caught in air and then the outcome would be revealed. This method is still in use by referees to decide sides in games like football, cricket, soccer etc.

Though the use of a real coin in decision making is still in use, technological advancement has made it possible to use virtual ones. The virtual ones are programmed into a device of computer system in which the coin flips for a particular period and eventually comes to rest, the side of the coin appearing determines the result. Predicting the outcome of a tossed coin is nearly impossible except if the material is biased.

Though the use of a real

There are only two possible results to be derived from tossing a coin once. The first result would be a Head and the other is a tail. Since the prediction of which side the result would be cannot be predicted, introducing probability is important. Probability is a factor of prediction that determines if an even is likely to occur. In flipping a coin once, there are two outcomes. Flip twice and the outcomes are Four (4) and this can be expressed mathematically. To calculate for higher number of flips, the outcomes for one flip(head and tail which gives two) is raised to the power the number of times flipped.

This implies that, to derive the number of outcomes flipping a coin four times, two(2) is raised to the power of 4. In a simpler term, this can be expressed mathematically as 2^4 and the result is 16. Therefore there are 16 possible outcomes when a coin is flipped four times.
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