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The Coin Toss in Super Bowl
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The Coin Toss in Super Bowl

Date Published: 20th October 2020
Author: Leslie Stafford
The super bowl is arguably the biggest event in United States of America's calendar year. Unlike other European nation’s soccer is not the biggest and most followed game in America. The National Football League is the most watched nationally broadcast in the country. In addition, American football is the highest paying sport in the country and means it receives a lot of attention and focus globally.

This is an annual championship game that is always scheduled to take place in the first few weeks of the year. The super bowl has been a part of people’s life and culture from January 15, 1967 when the first super bowl game was played. Super bowl only became a reality after the joining up of both the national league and the American league. This two associations were previously rivals but teamed up to come up with an annual event that took the game to unprecedented never seen before levels. American football is not familiar to most people in different parts of the world. This is a game that is most popular in North America. It is a sport similar to rugby but has a whole different dynamics in it’s gameplay.

The Coin Toss in Super Bowl

They are similar in that they both use an oval shaped ball, another similarity with rugby is that they both involve the team with possession trying to move down the field and trying to evade the opposition teams defense. And cross the goalpost at the end still with possession of the ball. Now when it comes to the difference between the two, the list is endless. It involves the offense moving forward in sprints of ten yards involving either four downs or passes. If unsuccessful then they forfeit possession of the ball to the opposition, when they succeed to carry out the four plays or downs then they are given the green light to advance on the next four yards.

In American football just like games such as basketball and baseball, the team with the most points is the undisputed winner of the game. Points are relatively easy to score as it only involves the offensive team to touchdown at the other end of the opposing team. Or just like in soccer a team gets points for kicking the ball through the other teams goalpost at the other end.

In American football just like games

It is a hybrid sport full of elements of both soccer and rugby. Watch any football match and you will be surprised at how you will notice elements of both soccer and rugby in it’s gameplay. But for astute fans they will feel the forward pass to be a very controversial rule to accept as this is greatly frowned upon in rugby. Soccer fans will greatly appreciate the many kicks that American football involves. This sport is by a long stretch the most popular in the United States. Most high school and college players dream of becoming professional players some day in their future. The amount of fame, success and wealth that professional players enjoy is the major motivation driving the many athletes in college and high school playing this sport.

American television broadcasters in recent years consider the super bowl as the biggest event in the year. During the super bowl they get to earn maximum profits as it is the most watched broadcast in the country. Advertisements in the super bowl brings more returns than any time all year long. They charge a lot money to brands for them to get a chance to air their commercial in the super bowl. Not only is the super bowl a big deal to television broadcasters it is also a very good time for business among major food chains in America. Fans buy and consume a lot of foodstuffs and drinks during this event.

American television broadcasters in recent years

Entertainment in the halftime show at super bowl has become a major fan favorite. The super bowl organizers have always ensured they get a popular musicians to perform during the halftime show. Grammy award winning artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé have all graced the super bowl halftime show stage. This has greatly improved the status of the super bowl and has assured increase in viewership numbers year after year.

Coin toss in the super bowl is a very important aspect of the game. This responsibility false squarely other referees head. The purpose of the coin toss is to decide which team will get the ball during the first half and which during the second half. This must only be done in the presence of both team’s captains, as the winner of the coin toss will get to enjoy a couple of privileges.
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The Coin Toss in Super Bowl
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