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Situation Where Flipping Of Coin Is Necessary And Why Isn't Always The Best Option
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Situation Where Flipping Of Coin Is Necessary And Why Isn't Always The Best Option

Date Published: 17th November 2020
Author: James Shelton
Although life is all about making tough decisions, there are situations where choosing between two circumstances can be more challenging. This happens when you need to make a choice between two situations that are similar in every aspect. It must be remembered that people all over the continent have mastered an art of making a crucial decision by flipping a coin. Historically, the idea of flipping a coin can be traced back tens of centuries ago.

Situation Where Flipping Of Coin Is Necessary And Why Isn't Always The Best Option

However, there are limited evidence about the specific date that it was launched. To make matters worse, historians are still divided about the first place that launched the game. While some historians maintain that it was first invented by Romans, others believe that it began in Ancient Greece. Ideally, you can flip a coin to see which country between the two invented what you're relying on to make decisions.

More importantly, available information shows that it started by a group of boys from Greece that covered one side of a shell with black pitch and left the other side white before flipping it in the air. Wherever the flipping of a coin started, the game has become part of human beings in every aspect of their lives. In real life situations, coin flipping is instrumental in providing decisions in circumstances that are considered to be trickier. One situation that coin flipping has predominantly been used is in football competitions. Assuming a football match bringing together Arizona Cardinals with Atlanta Falcons and each team wants to kick off to start the play.

However, there are limited evidence about

Whichever way you’ll look at its process, flipping a coin is the surest way of breaking a tie. This explains why a center referee managed to determine a team that needed to kick a ball first when Barcelona and Liverpool were battling for a semi-final spot in the UEFA Champions League competitions. Another situation where flipping of a coin has proved more useful is when a referee wants to determine the first team to kick a penalty kick in the final match of the Women Confederation Cup between Brazil and the United States. Not to mention that deciding on which team bats first in the cricketing world can also be challenging. And therefore, tossing a coin will be necessary in this situation.

Consequently, if you’ve two candidates that have tied in a job interview where only one person need to be selected, it will be important to toss a coin to avoid being biased. A point always overlooked is that flipping a coin can also be used in larger areas of decision-making. For example, when the two candidates for Premiership position in the United Kingdom gets equal points and can't be split any other way, a coin is always tossed to get a winner. While making decisions by flipping a coin, each party involved in a misunderstanding are expected to choose either a head or a tail respectively. When you choose a head but a tail shows up, it’s assumed you’ve failed and the other party is declared a winner. Assuming that you’ve been invited to a party and you’re only supposed to carry one of your two kids, it will be important to toss a coin to determine who should remain at home.

More importantly, available information shows that

Likewise, when you’re divided against watching the Americas Got Talent show and going for a party, then it will be good to flip a coin. In the same fashion, you can flip a coin whenever you want to make a political decision. For instance, if you haven't made up your mind on whom you'll vote between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, tossing a coin will save you the time. In general, flipping a coin just like other decision-making processes, must have a loser and a winner. Obviously, the two outcomes will never be the same in terms of the effects. While one party will be celebrating the outcome, another group will be lamenting.

Above all, flipping a coin should be a method of last resort. That is, it should only be used when all the available options are exhausted. Even though it saves on time, its decisions are based more on luck than reality. This is common because facts are not always considered when a coin is being flipped and it's something that negates its use.

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