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Rolling A Coin Between Your Fingers
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Rolling A Coin Between Your Fingers

Date Published: 14th April 2020
Author: Floyd Erik
The Coin somersault is a trick where the coin orbits around your fingers in an unbroken cycle. It’s among the few coins tricks out there, though it’s usually great. It requires many efforts to master it, and do the rolling smoothly. Use the guidelines to roll a coin:

Step 1: Selecting a Coin

The first thing is selecting of a coin. The coin dimension is critical. Too small or too big of a coin will not revolve correctly over your fingers. However, this will be a personal decision since the size of different individual’s fingers differ.

You may need a coin that’s a little larger or a little smaller. Experiment. If you can’t find favorable a coin in your domain's currency, you can use other coins from different countries. Note that the value of the coin makes no difference as people will be interested more by your technique than the value of the coin.

Step 2: Tails or Heads?

Rolling A Coin Between Your Fingers

The number of knuckles in a majority of peoples arms means that a rolled coin will be in the first place it is placed before the rolling. This means that, if you begin with it tails up on your first finger, it will be tails up each time you reset to start another roll. How does the head or tail influence the outcome? For one: the surface area of coin touching skin.

The head of the coin tends to cement to the skin more when restarting it to the first place. However, this may vary with different silvers, of course, and personal preference.

Step 3: Starting Position

Grasp the coin between your side of your pointer finger and the thump. Then move the silver up and over the apex of your pointer finger and let it lift over your finger. As it rolls, lift up the middle finger and grasp the coin as it revolves over. You will grasp the silver aided by your side finger that is below the mid-point.

Step 4: The Drop

Step 4: The Drop

After simply rolling the coin over your “pinkie finger” the coin will fall off to your lap, and you won’t be able to start the rolling. To be able to redo the rolling again and again, you must return to the point where you started. This is the masterpiece a successful to a repeat of the rolling process.

Having the coin at the gap between your pinky and ring finger, let the coin go through the gap between the two fingers. This will need a bit of practice to keep the coin from, once again, dropping to the ground. Practising and doing it regularly must be the order of the day if you dream of perfection.

Step 5: It All Comes Back Around

Now that you have rolled the coin drop between your pinky and ring finger, and grasped it with your thumb, just slide the silver back to the first point.

Finally, the coin is back to the starting and after a bit of patience and practice, rolling a coin across your fingers can be fluid and be repeated to the applause and cheers of your audience.

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