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Motivational Quotes For Flip The Coin Practice
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Motivational Quotes For Flip The Coin Practice

Date Published: 14th January 2021
Author: Floyd Erik
Decisions are sometimes difficult to make but there are words of encouragement that can help in decision-making. Some believe that this flip the coin concept is enough to calm their emotional distress. It is important to understand that flipping a coin is like an idiom that means decision-making. A coin is made up of head and tail. When you toss a coin, you decide what happens if it lands with the tail or head, you are committed to this decision because your mind is made up. It is often put to practice when there are two difficult options to choose from.

Motivational Quotes For Flip The Coin Practice

Some practice it with a coin because they believe that it will give them a satisfactory choice since the options before them are of similar benefits. We should know that this practice does not always leave a satisfactory relief. If you feel like the other choice is supposed to serve you better or you are not comfortable with the option from the coin, we should consider the other option that went against your coin toss. Our brain is in charge of decisions we make, if we make a choice that does not correspond with that of the brain, we discover an uneasy feeling inside that we made the wrong choice. This is why we calculate before making complicated moves, think critically and try asking questions or doing research to make sure we arrive at an expected end.

Motivational quotes, too, are important while flipping a coin as they give you the right idea of what decision you will finally make. A coin has two sides, the front and back. Let us consider that faith is the front and science is the back. There is a demarcation between the two sides, though still connected by it. Faith is believing something we can't see and science tries to bring evidence or analysis to make those things we believe look real/ possible. This simply means that nothing is impossible if we make an effort.

Some practice it with a coin

Consider that the two different sides of the coin represent a win and a loss. When the coin tosses, you will notice that it flips a number of times before it finally lands with one side. Spinning of the coin severally could mean the different stages we go through in life but at the end, we still gain balance. Every situation in life has an end, either a good or a bad end. These few motivational quotes could help in the flip a coin world.
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Motivational Quotes For Flip The Coin Practice
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