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Isn't everything a 50/50 chance when fliping a coin?
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Isn't everything a 50/50 chance when fliping a coin?

Date Published: 17th April 2020
Author: James Shelton
"Study hard, work toward your dreams and you will be successful", wise words to live by, but is it so? Is this completely true or is it wishful thinking? Things are different in real life. A good example would be manual workers who labor in factories but often get the least wages. Besides, people around the world know hard work and a good education would lead to better-paying jobs. The more the hours you put in your work, the higher the pay.

Different religions explain how to live a successful life as well as the causes of failure.

Most of them emphasize the importance of following instructions, Christians believe if you do not follow biblical instructions, they will face judgment, they will have then broken their pact with their maker. This illustrates what many religions will advocate to achieve success, the opposite will be true for you to fail in life. Thus, most religious teachings will show that you get into trouble if you fail to follow edicts. Yet many examples in life don't agree with this belief e.g. many corrupt politicians around the world live good lives. Whereas hardworking citizens live in extremely squalid conditions, better reasons are needed to explain the things that affect our lives.

Life, a game of Chance

Many writers have tried to challenge the belief that man is aware that there are good and bad choices in life. These determine the results in life, a number of theories reject the idea that man can affect the future. They go on to suggest that man has no control over what happens in life and the future.

Theories on life

1)Natural determinism: This theory suggests that what happens in life has been pre-determined without your knowledge.

1)Natural determinism: This theory suggests that

2)Natural in-determinism: The theory explains that a vast number of things that happen in life are by chance. These result from events according to the probability theorem where every outcome is possible.

3)Natural mechanism: This theory combines natural determinism and natural in-determinism, it explains that life can be a result of both probability and nature. Many other theories also suggest that your actions do not affect their future.

But they suggest that unknown elements control your life, hence you cannot control these things since they are unknown. These ideas lead us to conclude that life is never what you expect. What we see is not what we planned for! Life can be likened to a mere toss of the coin. This means there is a 50/50 chance of getting what they expect of their lives. Life has all shades of colors and not only black and white.

But they suggest that unknown

The practical activity of tossing a coin shows that you should expect the unexpected in life. Many factors will come into play, for you to get heads or tails when flipping the coin. Such factors include the coin face up, spinning speed, the distance of toss and many others. This illustrates the random conditions that you face in life, conditions like these lead to random outcomes. Mathematical probabilities predict a 50/50, yet a practical experiment shows different results.

This should not in any way become an excuse to not plan or work toward desired results, as it will lead to chaos. We need to have expectations as members of the communities we live in. These should lead us to adhere to rules and regulations that society sets out. Failure to do this leads to societies functioning in a predictably.

There are other events beyond our control, even with the use of free will. Life is full of unpredictable situations, these could be as an airplane crash or winning the lottery. This means you need an optimistic outlook of life to get the best out of life. Alternative action would be to give up on living.

The rhetorical question is whether we can influence our future or not. This a philosophical question with no obvious answer. Living in a practical world requires practical solutions to meet your needs. People can meet their needs and desires by fulfilling predictable expectations. Some of these expectations include learning skills and exercising skills in the workplace. You should also expect agreed wages after a specific period of time. At best, we need to set up a predictable guide to our lives to have a semblance of order in this game of chance.

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