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How to get a 50/50 probability in a coin toss
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How to get a 50/50 probability in a coin toss

Date Published: 5th October 2020
Author: Garey Kennedy
Today there are multiple little activities that are being done daily, one of such is the coin flip. The goal of a coin flip is to achieve a 50/50 prediction level but some times it looks like that's not the case. Before any real in-depth analysis of this is given, the beginnings of the word coin and how the flipping action was joined in must be known. A coin is a kind of money used by society to pay for goods and services. The use of a coin can be traced back to the Medieval days when paper cash was not the most popular. Stories and films written about great kingdoms like the Roman Empire all agree that coins were the leading form of money at one point. Coins are round and small hard objects, they are made from different materials such as gold and bronze.

How to get a 50/50 probability in a coin toss

With time, governments developed cash form of payments with more grit and that pushed coins aside. Nevertheless, coins were still very much in the picture in which governments started to use it as a means of honoring past leaders and people who contributed greatly to the growth and development of the nation. They would print the face of such persons on one side and another meaningful picture on the other. There are multiple nations that have followed suit in this style of honoring legends, some of them are the United States, United Kingdom, China and numerous more. The popularity of this process just shows how much these people were valued, this process then led to a key phrase called obverse and reverse. Looking at what this means is actually simple even though it sounds tough.

With time, governments developed cash form

Obverse and reverse explain that since one side of a coin is dedicated to a person that generally considered the head or ruler wherever they go then the other side should be for unrecognized people called tails or bottom. This whole idea stems from years of studying animals and trying to see similarities with human society. It didn't take too long before the head and tail description of both sides of a coin to be turned into the tossing action that is known worldwide. The flipping or tossing action is used as a means for providing probability in possibilities, one side of the coin is used to denote one decision and the other another decision. People now use this in many economies, field, networks or anywhere they feel it could apply, some use it to make decisions or settle disputes between one another. The youths of the 21st century have taken this action beyond ever thought possible as it is done on a rapid scale.

Obverse and reverse explain that since

An example is one undergraduate trying to buy a Samsung or an Apple phone, a flip is done to decide which to buy. Other simple examples are how referees use this action to decide who plays the first kick in a football match, picking the winner in a lotto competition and so on. To do a coin flip, the first thing is to put the coin on the thumb, flick it upwards and then catch it between the palm of your hands. Now that money is involved when tossing of coins are needed, people try all tricks using physics knowledge to make sure they cheat the 50/50 probability of the coin. They use hours, days, months practicing with hardly any respite to ensure cheating is one available option. The simple way to do this cheating flow is to not toss the coin too high such that the person wouldn't be able to control the number of flips.

That's why cheating of coin flips usually affect those who are not smart and intelligent. Someone might ask how many flips are needed to get a 50/50 reading, and the answer is no specific amount. The only thing to do is ensure the coin is flipped well into the air so nobody can control what the outcome would be. It is better not to lose guard even if there is a need for several amounts of coin flips. Always make sure the person doing it flips it high enough on each occasion. This will require good focus and attention that shouldn't waver at any point.
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