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Flipping Coins Started Centuries Ago
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Flipping Coins Started Centuries Ago

Date Published: 29th September 2020
Author: Floyd Erik
An old tradition of settling disputes or making decisions has been to flip coins, this is popularly seen done in football matches, flipping coins is a method that has long been used in making decisions. At one point or the other you have used this to either settle a dispute or make a tough decision. It is only normal that most people grew up with some patterns that they continued doing, without asking how these things came about. Flipping of coins is one of those patterns’ its use does not depend on age as both the young and old has used it and unrestricted to any religion or tribe.

Flipping Coins Started Centuries Ago

A coin is a currency that is made up of metal; it was called coins because of the phrase 'coined metal' and was earlier used as a means of exchange of goods and services. The use of coins can be traced as far back as the Roman Empire, during the reign of the emperor Julius Caesar. He engraved his face on one side of the coin that was used as an indication that all means of exchange belongs to him. Julius was seen not just as an emperor but as a God and was worshiped in the hearts of his subordinates. He not only played the role of an emperor, but also the role of a judge and jury, whatever he says could not be revoked.

Julius Caesar could not always be present in every dispute to settle, especially among those of the commoners. When the coins were made with the face of Caesar on it, the people realized they could settle minor disputes without having to make the emperor stoop so low to mere commoners. They would flip the coin on matters; if the coin falls on the ground with the face of the Emperor showing on the visible side; it means that Caesar agrees with any pre-determined arrangement. But, if the coin faces up with the side that does not have his face on it; it is said to mean that Caesar disproves of the arrangement.

A coin is a currency that

From this moment on, this method was used whenever there are disputes in ancient Rome; because the method was justifiable and tough cases can be resolved in seconds. Besides this being attributed to their leader, this pattern was attributed to a god in Rome, one that has to do with ships. Hence, they usually called this 'ships and heads' this is how far back this started, and history records that it only moved from one part of the world to another and from one generation to another. This coin tossing was recorded in the Greek and British history following this era.

Next, this is seen among the ancient Greeks, the Greeks did not attribute the sides of the coin to their leaders approval, rather they came up with a new name for this decision making process. They made up different names for this process and this later became an important method to settle disputes among themselves. There are arguments that some still attributed both sides of the coin to the will of the Greek gods, especially during court meetings that needed supernatural settlement. The Greek nation was a civilized one with definite ways of doing things and settling disputes. They had one of the wisest sets of thinkers from the world inception. This coin tossing formula was considered one of the simplest means to solving confusion or dispute.

Julius Caesar could not always be

Many years later, the British were seen flipping coins too, they had a name for it, they called it 'cross and pile' and just like the other era before them, it was a good way of making decisions. They would toss the coin up using the thumb, while the coin is still in the air, one of the individuals will choose either the pile or the cross. When the coin falls to the ground whichever side faces up is an indication of who won the best and who lost.

There you have it, procedures such as coin flipping started many centuries ago; it was and still is a simple and straight-forward way of making decisions and settling arguments. It is still used in the modern day, in sporting events and also by individuals. So, whenever you can't seem to make a great choice, you might let the coins do it for you, or just seek advice from a good adviser.
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