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Did you ever had to experience the fun affixed to coin flipping
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Did you ever had to experience the fun affixed to coin flipping

Date Published: 13th April 2020
Author: Lowell Forest
Even with the extensive advancements in present-day gaming techniques, some people still find those tremendous jolts of joy and amusement affixed with the ancient 7th century (BC) coin tossing. Although it was the Romans who have the privilege of being called the ancestors of this game, yet the game became ubiquitous and continues to be a quotidian event worldwide. In the present day world, from sports betting to houses of parliament, all the way to living rooms on movie night, coin flipping is quite habitual. So, the question arises what exactly is there to it that the technique is still widely made use of?.

While some argue that it is the best outcome of settling a score between two alternatives, others think of it as an unfair proposition. It is right for the people to have their opinions about it, yet it does help in settling the scores to some, if not a complete extent. Being a ubiquitous game, for a single coin flip, two of the possible outcomes are either a positive value, corresponding to head or a negative value, corresponding to a tail.

Did you ever had to experience the fun affixed to coin flipping?

This is what everyone knows but what if there are a series of flip coin events? What would be the outcome then.? The answer lies more towards a probability side when a series of events like this are encountered. According to probability rules, the simple solution is, given the number of events that occurred, substitute that number as a power of 2 in your calculator. For determining the possible outcomes that the number of events lead to, this methodology and formula is employed.

Now, if 5 events were occurring, using the above formula 2^5=32 so, the number of outcomes for 5 event case would be 32. Generally, for 'n' number of events occurring, calculating the number of outcomes associated using this simple rule of probability becomes easier. The question may arise as to why the number 2 is used and not any other number?. Well, since there are only two possible outcomes for every flip of a coin, head or tail that is why we employ only 2 as a base value. It is also understandable in a way that a coin has only two faces so, only two outcomes for a single event, (2)^1=2.

Now, if 5 events were occurring,

Due to the wide use of this concept until today, people have involved a lot of science on taking a competition on their side. Through their analysis and hypothesis they have developed strategies to make the competition a win-win for them especially when the topic under consideration is to defeat their rivals. The randomness of outcomes is a term used quite often. It simply accounts for the uncontrollable factors that lead to different outcomes every time.

Randomness in coin flips is quite a common factor and this is what people actually try to have control at, to make the game one-sided. While some may have a positive aspect to it, others often do it intentionally for trespassing their rivals. However, after all these centuries no proper logic has yet been developed and the randomness stays put for the game. Frankly speaking, randomness is the actual beauty of coin-flipping. It is exactly what makes the game thriving and entertaining even in the present era of advancement and technology.

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