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Coin tossing ceremony of Super Bowl
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Coin tossing ceremony of Super Bowl

Date Published: 14th April 2020
Author: Floyd Erik
Super Bowl, the game of football which is played per annum in January and February is quite popular. National and American footballers participate in this game. In the year 1976 in Los Angeles, California, the game’s foundation stone was set forth. Although the football game existed before the year, 1976 but there were no matches between national leagues themselves. The first-ever event of playing this game nationally took place at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. This first-ever event occurred between the American Football League and the National Football League.

Like all other gaming matches, Super Bowl also starts with a Bernoulli’s trial, a coin toss. The Referee leads this coin toss ceremony since he is the person enforcing LOTG (Law of the Game) during a match consortium. For this ceremony, the captains of the rival teams choose their respective heads or tails before a coin toss. In case there is no home team, the referee elects one of the team members as a captain and he selects heads or tails for his team. Once the selection of heads and tails happens, the referee then tosses the coin up in the air and the decisive moment arises. This coin toss revokes the attention of people from their surroundings and directs it on to the coin.

Coin tossing ceremony of Super Bowl

There are certain rules affixed with this coin tossing in Super Bowl. If it so happens that a coin during toss does not turn around, the referee is obliged to flip the coin again. The captain who wins the toss gets either of the two prerogatives. One of these prerogatives includes the option of defending the goal by his team and the other includes the opportunity of aiming for the goal. Whichever of these prerogatives the toss winning team captain chooses, the toss losing team captain receives the other privilege.

The referee understands and is aware of match and tossing rules and laws set forth by FIFA (Federation International Football Association). This is a standard requirement before a person can referee a match for coin tossing and law enforcement. It should be noted that in the coin-tossing history of the Super Bowl tournament, one team has surpassed the others concerning toss winning. The Dallas Cowboys team of Super Bowl has won 49 coin tosses until the present day.

The referee understands and is aware

Another interesting question may also arise as to how many times the coin flip winners have made their names as winners of the Super Bowl tournament. It is interesting to note that according to the latest statistics, those who have won the Super Bowl tournament had won coin tosses 24 times in all. Which is quite a good average and even interesting side is that out of these 24 tosses 12 were heads and 12 tails. This proves that the coin flip’s outcome is a 50-50 trial.

To sum up, it is the referee who holds a significant position on the football pitch and despite this position; they do not receive all the acclaiming they deserve. From setting forth the game laws to coin tossing, all come under the responsibilities of the game referee. People sometimes maltreat referees for their decisions and try to hurt their reputation, which is quite common. Despite these facts, being a referee is still an interesting occupation for some people and coin tossing is equally entertaining and fun.

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