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Coin flipping is easy to win
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Coin flipping is easy to win

Date Published: 23rd October 2020
Author: Andrew Harmon
Scientists have found out that it's relatively easy to win coin flipping, so you should be careful when someone chooses coin flipping as a way of selecting an option. Coin flipping has been a reliable method of deciding on things, but recent studies have shown that the outcome of a flip can be manipulated by the person flipping. These studies showed that you can successfully predict the outcome with long hours of practice, so you too can master the act of coin flipping. There is no specific strategy that is used to determine the result, instead it's just about learning how to be consistent when flipping a coin. Sharp people can master the trick in less than 20 minutes of consistent practice, but it normally takes up to one hour to perfect that trick.

Coin flipping is easy to win

Now, let's reveal the secret that can help you accurately predict how a coin will land after being tossed. The type of coin you choose has a huge role to play in determining how a coin faces after being flipped, as all coins are not equivalent. There are coins that have irregular shape, so by practicing consistently, you'll influence how that irregular coin will land. On some coins, you'll notice that there are heavier patterns on one side than the other side, meaning that it's more likely for that coin to land with the heavier side facing up.

Now, let's reveal the secret that

A study has revealed that the side of a coin that was facing up when that coin was tossed, is the side that is more likely to face up after flipping. To explain, if the tail is facing up before you flip, there is a better chance of seeing a tail when the coin lands, and there is about 58 percent chance of this to happen. It's easier to predict results if a coin is flipped gently, resulting to not more than 4 spins, than when too much pressure is applied in flipping. Results can be known by using a trick that prevents a coin from actually spinning, although the person watching will think that it was spinning in the air. To master this trick is not difficult, as you just need to place a coin on correct fingers to get it right.

There is nothing difficult in winning a coin flip if you just dedicate little time to practice, but without enough practice, coin flipping might become difficult to win.
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