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Coin flipping and probability involving coin flipping
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Coin flipping and probability involving coin flipping

Date Published: 3rd October 2020
Author: Kelvin Sherwood
Probability is a terminology used in so many disciplines in various higher schools of learning. Those subjects probability run's into are mathematics, statistics, medicine, nursing, midwifery, accounting, marketing just to mention a few. Among the subjects mentioned it is the mathematics discipline that probability is heavily used. Probability is explained as the chances of a thing performing or not performing and it is on this principle that these courses mentioned earlier on some times depend on to perform its unique functions. Humans use coin tossing in performing certain activities in to prevent being biased towards each other and to prevent cheating. Coin flipping probability is encouraged and is used by people who are educated, it helps them to make selections without being prejudice.

Coin flipping and probability involving coin flipping.

In a coin toss, the coin is projected into the atmosphere such that it spins rim over rim many times. Either before or when the coin is in the atmosphere, an interested party calls heads or tails, showing what part of the coin that person is selecting. A second person is made to choose the opposite side, depending on the rule. The coin may be grabbed, grabbed and turn upside down or leave to fall on the ground. When the coin slows to lie, the toss is finish and the person who called rightly or had chosen the top side is announced the winner. Some times a coin can land on its edge, this is normally due to the coin after landing lands against a body like a wall. But, at other times it is possible that a coin could lie on its edge without necessarily leaning against a thing.

Coin flipping probability is applied in games and other sports and proved to be very useful in the management of games and sports. It is recorded in the holy bible that when Jesus was crucified on the cross of Calvary, the soldiers play a certain game to see who could win it. If coin flip were present in those days it could have been used as way in winning this game. Four schools were to run a race, and they did not know which two schools will start the race until it was suggested by the referee that a coin flip will decide for all of them. After, the coin was flipped they could know which of the four schools the two schools that will start first. Without this they were going to fight or argue over who begins the race and who comes next in the race.

In a coin toss, the coin

As already indicated in the second paragraph, coin flipping is used in games like football, ludo die tossing, deck of cards and so on. During football matches the referee will usually have to use the coin flip to decide which team will first to kick the ball. Usually, one of the teams will select a head and that selects a tail. After, the flip the side that lands up will be declared as the winner and must kick the ball first before their opponent. The essence of doing this is to prevent the dispute that may arise as to who will kick the football at the beginning. All the spectators in the stadium will know that the referee was fair and just after flipping the coin and bring their tempers and emotions down.

Still in football, during the time of playing when the two teams are can not score a goal in the regular time allocated to them. The referee will have to toss a coin again when they are about to play the penalties to see who starts the penalty shoot out initially. All these action done by the referee is to help prevent cheating and also being bias towards a particular team.

Coin flipping probability is applied in

The probability tool called coin tossing is applied playing cards as well and its benefits cannot be over emphasized but appreciated. There is the issue of wanting to start the game first by individuals involved in game play. It is good therefore to use the tossing of coin to see who play the cards first. Benefits of coin tossing in any game is basically the same among which are, prevention of cheating, prevents prejudice, allows fairness in the game and people appear to appreciate the game. Coin flipping can help prevent problems that might come from games and make them lovely and wanting to watch.
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