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8 Simple Steps for Flipping a Coin
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8 Simple Steps for Flipping a Coin

Date Published: 13th April 2020
Author: Lowell Forest
Tossing a coin is a good way of resolving a minor disagreement or quickly decide between two alternatives that are closely related. It is an easy exercise to carry out that requires some coordination. Interestingly, there are some strategies you can practice to enhance your predictions on how the coin would land and discover creative ways to please your colleagues or trick them out.

Here are the 8 simple steps to follow when flipping a coin.

Step 1: Decide how the outcome of your toss will be

Before you throw your coin into the air, first agree on what you are looking for. Determine if you are going to catch it, or let it drop to the ground. When you use coin flipping to decide with someone else, you need to agree on the alternative outcomes to avoid complaints about the results.

Step 2: Pick the right coin

There's no best flipping coin; it's just about individual choice and the size of your hand. New coins with definite markings can make an easier and better option for a toss. You can feel the edges and faces a bit better on a newer coin. If you're tossing the coin as part of a game, it is important to have a particular coin in mind. Not because it would make a difference, but as part of your deception, it offers you something that you could speak about.

8 Simple Steps for Flipping a Coin

Step 3: See which side of the coin is facing up

Tossing a coin is considered a fifty-fifty chance. However, the various patterns on either side renders it more of a 51-49 probability in favor of the side facing up. This might not sound like a fundamental difference, but even the little bits help when you are predicting. It works best with the new coins; older coins have more flaws because they have been scratched which alters the dynamics behind every flip.

Step 4: Make a fist with the thumb facing up

When flipping a coin, your thumb finger will drive the coin into the air. You will want it to face up so that your coin goes up when pushed by the thumb finger.

Step 5: Place your thumb below the index finger

You don't want the coin to stick between the first two fingers; get the edge of the thumb below the coin. It will provide some resistance as you push the thumb up for the flip, which helps to create a fast move to hit the coin.

You don't want the coin to

Step 6: Put the coin over the gap made by your index finger and the thumb

The coin should sit on both fingers and not drop off. When you flip the coin, you won't keep it in place; therefore it ought to be sitting there without support.

Step 7: Pull your thumb up quickly

This quick action moves the coin onto the air and causes it to turn repeatedly. You can also move your hand up as you flip the coin. When you do this gently, it makes your flip smoother and ensures the coin spins fewer times.

Step 8: Watch the coin in the air

This is not tracking the spins, but to grab the coin or track it down if it rolls after reaching the ground. Tossing a coin is not important if you can't locate it to see the side that came up.

When you are making an important decision using a coin toss, think about how each potential outcome will leave you feeling. Also, take a glance at either side of the coin to picture the alternatives.

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