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50/50 Chance On Everything

Date Published: 16th October 2020
Author: Matt Clarke
Things happens for some reasons and, there are several things and activities that take place. Time is the basis for everything with them taking place at each specific time. You can do your chores either over a short time or long. This depends on your strength and speed you give out to achieve whatever you have planned. The slower your speed the longer time it will take to finish a task and, the faster you are the shorter time you will require to do the same task. This can be affected by several factors such as the state of your body, the weather and type of job to be done.


When you are not in the right mental or physical state, it will be harder for you to work hence limiting the progress required. You have to be physically fit and have good health to prevent you from straining your body and mind. Weather conditions such as rain may hinder you from doing outdoor activities because you will have to stay indoors. When you work when it is raining, you risk being infected with diseases such as pneumonia due to the cold. It is advisable to keep yourself warm and, adhere to changes in the atmosphere to protect your body. Intense jobs will take you a longer time than easy tasks therefore the type of job influences your working ability.

Probability estimates are the way we understand and, convey inconclusive information. Several things happen in your life and, most of them are unplanned. The end state is not known that is why understanding probability rate is important. Through this, you can try and estimate what might happen or what might not happen. Additionally, this varies and is not entirely correct because the future and future events are unknown. The possibility of knowing the future and activities that may happen is nearly below average or zero. It requires intelligence and knowledge to understand how to correctly estimate the probability of an action.

When you are not in the

For instance, the chance of it raining tomorrow might not be a 50/50 chance if the possibility is 10%. In this case, the possibility will be 10/90 with some factors to consider. To know whether it will rain or not, you can view and study changes in the sky noting the differences in the clouds. Different types of clouds have varying meanings helping you determine the next atmospheric conditions. Occurrence of rain is mostly identified by dark grey clouds that assemble in the sky. The possibility may not be 100% or 50/50 because there are changes that might occur like the clouds being blown away by wind.

In a horse race, when there are ten horses and four are mares, the probability of a made winning is 40%. This probability is not a 50/50 chance and, determining the probability of an activity depends on how the situation is set up. For example, when you toss a coin, it will either be head or tail showing making it a 50/50 chance. You may toss a head or tail depending on the occurrence and luck. When your favorite food is placed on the table and you are hungry, you will eat it instead of leaving it out. You will probably interfere with the 50/50 chance to meet your needs.

Probability estimates are the way we

A boy who just turned eighteen and, his parents divorced must decide which parent to live with. In a scenario where one parent was kind and, the other was cruel, he will go with the kind parent. This situation explains that everything is not technically a 50/50 chance but depends with the effect you will get when you make your decision. When you purchase a brand new car, it will either start when you turn the keys or it will not. Your paycheck which has never bounced will either cash or will not cash. You are not certain whether your transaction will be successful or not making you be in a dilemma.

A heavy smoker will either get cancer or not depending on his luck. When you use tobacco, harmful substances are deposited in your lungs making it hard for you to breathe. This may cause respiratory complications or even cancer. You will not be certain whether you will get cancer or not. Everything having a 50/50 chance depends on how the situation is set up.
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