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Flip a Coin

Play flip a coin and get 25% cash back from your coin toss rake. Join a virtual coin flip room and bet with bitcoin or play chips. The winner walks away with the haul of chips put up for grabs with your virtual toss. Play bitcoin coin flip gambling with us online all day every day.

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Heads or tails
Bitcoin Coin Flip Gambling - Play two player up heads or tails
Are you looking to bet bitcoin to play flip a coin? We have thousands of players which play across our poker and fantasy sports network who engage with our flip a coin game every minute of the day. We have flip a coin action ready and waiting for you. So what will you choose when you flip a coin? Heads or Tails? Round Robin or Winner Picks?
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Coin flip heads or tails
Coin Heads
Two Player
Two player flip a coin is our standard. Users can take it in turns or have a winner keeps picking mode occur, which all changes your chances as you progress.
Round Robin
We have two types of flip a coin, the first being round robin, where you take it turns to toss and pick your side of the coin.
Winner Picks
Another type of play is Winner Picks. Winner Picks allows the winner of the previous coin toss round to keep picking their coin preference.

Flip a Coin Sign-up Bonus

Join Real Flip a Coin today and receive free bitcoin play chips and poker chips.

As a new user to Real Flip a Coin we will provide you with 0.01 Bitcoin in play chips plus 0.0015 BTC in chips to play poker with. Not only that but access to our fantasy sports platform which covers football and cricket. No catch, just register and you will have access to all of our international games where you can play for fun or bitcoin with other online users from around the world. Do your fancy your chances? Are the coins on your side? Have the coins forgiven you yet? Why not try out for free and enjoy an easy to understand game of flip a coin. We have a real life, multiplayer bitcoin coin flip gambling game which is popular in our network and brings those which play fantasy sports and poker to our play flip a coin.

Flip Heads
All About Real Flip a Coin - The latest flip a coin strategies
We provide advice and strategies on how to make money from flipping a coin. We post regularly informative articles which discuss flip a coin and how you can get the advantage in a coin toss. When to recognize you are on the back foot and need to change you strategy.
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12th January 2021
Flipping a Coin
Coin tossing exists as a simple event that is carried out by simply flipping a coin into the air or spinning the object on a hard ...
5th January 2021
Flip a Coin
The chance of winning a coin toss between two players is 50/50 if a genuine method is used. Research has however proven the side f ...
30th December 2020
Flip a Coin
Flipping a coin has proven to be an effective way of deciding between two options for example during sporting events. In sporting ...
27th December 2020
Coin Toss
Coin tossing was invented to use the outcome of a coin to determine the fate of the players. Other than the use of coins to trade, ...
11th December 2020
Coin Tossing
Tossing a coin is assumed to be the most effective way of making decisions. This is because there can only be two outcomes, heads ...
7th December 2020
Coin Toss
Working out the chances of something taking place is a math problem that is frequently applied in the real world and understanding ...
Flip a coin logo
About Flip a coin and how it works
Flip a Coin

When was the last time that you flipped a coin? Was it first emptying your pockets or asking some passerby if he could lend you a coin for a minute! Most of us would have needed to flip a coin at some point in our lives. As children, we used to do it out of fun, just to see how lucky or how unlucky we were. But as adults we often need it for bigger issues. Sometimes to check out if the girl next door is really in love with us, while sometimes to see if we can our boss is likely to give that holiday next week. Flipping a coin is kind of a habit we are used to in jams. However, another use that this activity is being put to, besides acting as a decider in some situations, like gaming or to pass the time or just doing it for the sake of it.

Flip a Coin: The Latest Trends

As with everything, this earlier limited activity of flipping the coin has also evolved with various options and various versions. You can flip betting with Bitcoin, or you can simply flip with one of those cool Bitcoin tokens too. No longer do you need to search your pockets for a coin when you want to flip. With everything going digital and online, the traditional flip a coin practice has been transformed to an e-flip a coin mode too. Just open a website like Real Flip a Coin and start flipping.

Why Flip a Coin

Not having any reason to flip? Some people are simply doing it for fun and entertainment. When some first flipped, it was for something going on in their head. They wanted to decide but could not. So thought, better flip a coin. And once that reason was over, they still felt like flipping more and more. The mere uncertainty attached to the outcome, and the surprise factor that flipping a coin brings over, is a sufficient reason as to why flip a coin is so exciting. You do it once and you can spend away hours and hours just flipping. It is so enticing. Especially over platforms that are designed very appealingly, like Real Flip a Coin.

Flip a Coin: The Game

Many portals these days have transformed the traditional flip a coin action into interesting games. They keep on launching new variations and trends in this demesne; like playing with colored coins, playing with Bitcoin, playing with various currencies, different outcomes leading to different results; there are just unlimited variations. If you have got nothing to do and missing your family who are not at home right now, just flip a coin to see if they are missing you too. Or flip a coin to while away the time until they return. So if you need to quickly flip a coin for some critical life decision or some simple time pass, just try Real Flip a Coin. Most users who try it for the first time, like to come back again and again.

Bitcoin heads and tails coin
Bitcoin Flip a Coin

Bitcoin Flip a Coin are fun online games that are grabbing more and more fan following these days. The Bitcoin fever is rising in each and every field. Game players too like to use Bitcoin now for their online game plays. And the combination, Bitcoin and Flip a Coin seems to be becoming hotter and hotter. Bitcoin flip a coin is the flip a coin game that you play with Bitcoin instead of traditional fiat. Sounds simple? Perhaps it does. But actually it is a bit complicated. There are a number of things to consider related to Bitcoin Flip a Coin, like security, privacy, eligibility, convenience etc.

Four Considerations in Bitcoin Flip a Coin - Bitcoin Heads or Tails

Although it is not very hard to find a place that offers a game of Bitcoin flip a coin, we must keep some important considerations in mind. Check the following out as a quick guide before every time you think of playing a Bitcoin Flip a Coin game.

1. Fair: Whenever you play a game of flip a coin, fairness in the game is of importance. There can be a fraudulent system cheating you of all your money. For example, it makes you win a few times initially tempting you to put more money into the game. Once you do, the system might sweep everything by making you lose the game. So the system must be fair and genuine. Also, if you are playing with Bitcoin, the system might offer you a lower currency conversion rate if it is not genuine. So keep those factors in mind.

2. Security: Once you make sure that your system is fair, next it is security. Even if your system is fair in operations, but not very strong in the built up or operations, outside attacks might happen. That can also result in you losing out all your money.

3. Eligibility: In a Bitcoin flip a coin game, you have to check eligibility at two stages. One is, are you eligible to play a gambling game in your country? Second are you eligible to deal in Bitcoin in your specific geographic region? These are the two things you must see as per the law of your land.

4. Convenience: After considering all the above factors for a Bitcoin Flip a Coin game, next, you must also consider your own convenience. Some portals are inherently more comfortable than the others. It can be the design features, the graphics, the audio visuals, and the options of the flip a coin game available that might appeal to you. So whatever it is, one must choose a platform of one’s own choice and convenience. It can add significantly to the overall entertainment in a Bitcoin flip a coin game play.

Bitcoin Flip A Coin

Bitcoin flip a coin can be a great time pass and a great source of entertainment. There are many variations in the flip a coin game. One can play it as a simple one by one turn taking game, where two players decide to compete against each other. Or it can be a continuous coin flipping game where some specific number of consecutive flips happen in a row. Whatever it is, Bitcoin flip a coin game is absolutely engaging.

Coin flip toss
Why Flip A Coin Is A Fun Game

Flip a Coin has been ranked in the top 5 most loved games so far for the year 2020 . Flip a Coin presents a fifty-fifty odds of winning or losing a flip. It has got many different alterations to the basic game play. Start playing the game today that is loved by millions of players all across the globe. Flip a Coin is actually a fun and exciting game, a great way to unwind from a hectic day. It is a light hearted game that does not require a lot of concentration or mental faculty. Perfect for players who want to play something for pure fun and entertainment. It is one of the most hit launches of the year 2020. Come and have an enthralling time while playing Flip a Coin. You play it once and you will definitely like to play it again sometime.

What Makes Flip A Coin So Exciting/Fun

Flip a Coin has got all the features that makes any online game play so exciting and interesting.

• It has many different game variations to keep the players interested all the time.

• It has great graphics and sound effects to accompany the game.

• The website is very light and loads very quickly. You do not have to wait for long.

• The game is fascinating and full of adventure as you never know what the outcome of the flip would be.

• You can keep a record of all the scores and points that you make in real time. There is a display on the screen that keeps on updating automatically as you play Flip a Coin.

• You cannot leave the game until it is over, so that makes you feel more dedicated to it.

• There are no maximum game limits. Flip a Coin can be played endlessly for hours and hours.

• It is a multiplayer game, so the competition adds an extra spice to the game.

• Very simple and easy to understand how to play flip a coin.

• Challenging in the manner that there are many rules that you need to keep in mind while playing the game.

• You score with each right flip and you lose with each wrong flip. So the game always keeps you engrossed as the final results can change until the very last moment/flip.

Is It for Everybody: Flip A Coin

Flip a coin is for everybody, within reason. It is restricted in some countries, but everywhere else, Flip a coin is a fun game to play. Further, it can be played only by adults who are of the appropriate age as the law commands in their country for gambling gameplays. Flip a coin is becoming expeditiously popular. It is a great way to enjoy during travel, picnics, parties and anything for that matter as the game is easy to learn and simple to play.

Play flip a coin online and when the heads or tails challenge …
It only takes 1 minute to register and get playing, toss the coin for the most easy to understand fun.
Flip a Coin
Bitcoin Coin Game
Virtual Coin Flip
Flipping Coin Contest

Flipping coin contest! The latest craze in 2020 among online game players. It seems, flipping coin contests have become the love and obsession of many casino and gambling game players worldwide. Not sure if it is the life stresses that are driving them here, or if it is actually the adrenaline rush which they experience each time the coin is flipped, but something is definitely there. The simplest of gaming contest for almost all group sizes, flipping coin contests are now becoming available in various shapes and sizes. Innumerable permutations and combinations of game tricks to churn out newer contests each time! Unlimited flipping coin contests in totality, and a few each day to keep the players happy.

Various Contest: Flipping the Coin

There are number of flipping coin contests that you can play in the Flip a Coin game at Real Flip a Coin. You can sit with your competitor on a table and both of you can take turns flipping the coin, a simple round robin of taking it in turns to pick. Another variation is, if you take too long to choose, the timer automatically starts, and then the computer chooses it for you. In case the coin flips and lands in an outcome of your choice, you get to choose again. Else the opponent gets to choose. Another form of flipping coin contest is that you enter a match of best of 11 flips or a match of best of 5 flips and then whoever reaches the target first wins. The final result is decided by the cumulative result of all the total flips. Yet another variation is, you neither pick heads nor tails, but you choose random. In this case, when the coin is tossed, the computer will pick up some random for you. It can be either heads or tails of course.

Next, players can enter flipping coin contests by either traditional form of money, their national currency or via Bitcoin. This gives another twist to the game play. So if you decide to play at Real Flip a Coin, there are unlimited variations. What you played today, might not be the same as what you choose tomorrow. And then again you might return to it a few days down the line. A total surprise and wow factor in the presentation of flipping coin contests, besides the thrill attached with the actual game play.

Winning the Contests: Flipping the Coin

If you are a regular player in some flipping coin contests, you would make some money and lose some money. What do you do when you make some money? Some players keep it accumulating in the game wallet for further games, while some withdraw it to their bank accounts. Also, some players get their wins converted to Bitcoin and then placed in Bitcoin wallets. No matter what you decide to do with your proceeds, remember that some day is going to be your lucky day for sure. Flipping coin contests have 50-50 chances of you winning or losing, so it is never only losses.

Heads and Tails
How to Flip a Coin and Win

If you are looking for how to flip a coin and win the game in this heads and tails competition, there are two things that you must know. One, that the algorithms behind the Flip a Coin game are very complex. So it is tough to crack them. Second, even though the algorithms are hard to crack, there are some general observations that can help you how to flip a coin and win the game.

Flip a Coin To Win the Game

All of us play to win. Even if we for once ignore the monetary prizes associated with the wins, we still want to win! Winning is the force that gives us the thrill and enthusiasm and keeps us motivated to play again and again. Over here, we have tried to conclude some suggestions from experienced players for winning the game of Flip a Coin. These might or might not be useful, but there is no harm trying them.

If it is coin flipping or coin tossing or heads or tails in the Flip a Coin, one thing you must look out for is a particular pattern you might feel is forming. It has been observed that the coins will sometimes go for a particular pattern, although you might discover that these patterns are all in your head. So if you are able to observe some pattern, do not ignore it. Rather try to explore it further and then flip the coin accordingly.

Next, try your luck. You can see if it is choosing “heads” each time that makes you win, or if it is choosing “tails” that makes you win more often, or is it the “random” option that makes you win the most. We all have our own lucky ways in life. So if “Heads” be that lucky duck for you, always make sure you pick that up whenever it is your turn to pick choices.

Flipping speed is also a factor that may decide the outcome of the flip. Of course you can conclude something only by continuous trial and analysis. But if you persevere and do not lose patience, you can definitely make some sense out of this factor too.

Last, but not least, learn the rules. Sometimes we quit losing all hope when we are at the verge of winning. For example if it is best out of 11 match, do not quit if you lose the first 4 or the first 5 flips. You still have a chance of a fair win. For example if it is round robin game, you will get a chance to pick your choice each alternate flip. Therefore, it is always good to understand the rules of the game properly before you begin to play.

Putting it Together: Flip A Coin

In the end it would be great to keep in mind that after all, no matter how much you try to deduce, Flip a Coin is a game. There are going to be wins and losses. So you must be mentally prepared for them before entering the game. You would not be able to quit before it is game over. Sportsman spirit is all that matters in the end.

Play with Bitcoin

25% Cashback Each Time

We provide 25% cashback from rake

Real Flip a Coin provides 25% cashback on every coin flip you take part in. This means that every time you joina flip a coin game you will get 25% of the rake back into your main wallet which will then be refunded to you at midnight. This cashback can act as a mean to deposit money from your winnings and take part in coin toss games. You can have your flip cashback returned to your bitcoin wallet or your real flip a coin wallet every day.

Heads or Tails?
Coin Toss Online
How to Play Flip a Coin

How to play flip a coin is easy and simple. One of the simplest in fact, especially if you’ve had the experience of playing other online games earlier. Flip a coin has been created with nothing but convenience for players in mind. Flip a coin is a remarkable idea for beginners to acquaint themselves to a game of betting. Also a great and thrilling mechanism to enjoy the day for game lovers who love to flip a coin.

Gameplay: Flip A Coin

This section familiarizes you on the exact manner as to how to play flip a coin. It requires two players seated across each other. Remember, once a game is started, the player is not allowed to quit until it is game over. The general idea is that two players compete against each other for heads or tails, and sometimes a random too. A live interface on the dashboard will keep on displaying the current scores and the previous record of heads or tails for both the players.

The last winner, or a person at random if you are playing for the first time, would pick heads or tails or random to be the choice of flip. Then the coin would be flipped by that player to see what is the landing face. If it is the right one, the player scores a point and gets to choose again. If the coin lands the opposite face, the other player scores a point and he then next chooses whatever side of the coin he wishes to.

However, if you are not playing the Winner Picks variation of the Flip a Coin game, then you can also play the Round Robin variation, where you simply take it in turns to pick whether it will be heads or tails, whether you win the last flip or not.

There are many similar variations in the game to keep the interest high at all times during gameplay. For example, there is a best out of 11 flips game, where the winner is decided by whoever reaches 6 out of the 11 flips first. A best out of 5 flips game is also there, where the winner is decided by the first to 3 of the 5 flips.

Another variation is the “random” pick. If the player does not pick either heads or tails when playing the game, but picks up random, he entitles the computer to choose a favorable outcome by itself and display it upon each flip. This makes the game even more exciting although it is still a 50-50 chances of winning the flip.

Another variation is you are allowed to play this game with Bitcoin rather than traditional currency. That adds another complication layer to the game and makes it apt for seasoned players too.

Who Can Play: Flip A Coin

So as to play flip a coin, you must be of legal age to play gambling games, or to be permissible for betting in your country. That’s because Flip a Coin involves some mystification and a mixture of skill and luck like most other gambling games. So this game is not meant for children, but is a great one for adults to enjoy. Whether or not you will make some money in the end is a matter of your flip a coin skill, but the game is sure to keep you baited for a couple of hours each time that you play.

Heads or Tails Coin
How Does Flip A Coin Work

Did you just Google “Flip a Coin” and got hundreds of results and not sure which one to pick up? Or are you amazed at the number of results the search engine displays for a simple Flip a Coin game, while you were thinking there would be none except for a definition? Flipping the coin has become a full fledged domain in itself and many games have been developed around this premise. Seems like innovation and exploration has reached a peak where people can weave out absolutely anything from something totally unexpected. Flip a coin, if you check online, is more of a gaming option these days rather than the traditional flip a coin used for coming to a decision in dilemmatic situations.

How Does Flip A Coin Work

For most games of flip a coin, as they work on the internet, these are free. There is usually a big coin placed in the centre of the screen. You can tap on, that is, click on the coin and it flips automatically. You get a result displaying a head or a tail, this is perhaps the simplest and the most basic form of flip a coin game. You can manually count the number of tails you got or the number of heads you got and how many points you associated with each and decide on your game play. However, this is the simplest way it works.

Most websites that offer flip a coin in a game mode, have automatic calculations too, based on the gaming program you choose.

Why is Flip a Coin So Popular

Websites like Real Flip a Coin are becoming instantly popular. Why? This is because more and more people are using flip a coin as a game or as a way of betting. And when it is gaming or betting, there are very few reliable websites in the picture as of today. Reliable in the sense that the outcome of the flip is decided by a number of factors, the algorithms have to be very advanced. They have to detect like the noise and sound behind the flipping, the flipping history and keep it random at the same time. Sounds simple but it is actually a tough one to develop at the back end that can keep the users attracted and feel genuine at the same time. Real Flip a Coin is one of these reliable ones, perhaps the reason behind their massive popularity. Flip a coin game has reached a level where Bitcoin has managed to enter it as well. Bitcoin is used at many places while playing a flip a coin game. If your luck rules some day, you can end up with huge heaps of money in no time with flip a coin with Bitcoin.

Who Can Play Flip A Coin

Anyone and everyone can play flip a coin. There are going to be specific laws from your country which determine whether you are allowed to gamble in your country, or whether you are allowed to use Bitcoin there, but for the most part, if you want to play flip a coin online, then you are in the right place.

Coin Flip
Online Toss
Flip a Coin Bitcoin Contest

Looking for some Flip a Coin Bitcoin Contests? Not sure what would be the safest place to play a flip a coin contest with some Bitcoin? Not sure which portals are offering flip a Coin with Bitcoin contests (because most do not offer the facility to play with Bitcoin)? Flip a Coin Bitcoin contests are becoming all the rage but it is common that most of us are not aware of where to find these online. Real Flip a Coin is your ideal solution. The ideal place where you will find many flipping coin contests running at any point of time. If you do not have a co-player of your own, there are many players on the portal looking for teams or partners. Entering a flip a coin Bitcoin contest has never been so easy. Come and try some luck on this most genuine and fair flipping coin game play website.

How To Flip a Coin with Bitcoin

Flip a coin is a game. Before the coin is flipped, the player picks their choice, that is, a head or a tail. In some variations of these contests the player can also pick up “random”. Then the computer picks up a head or a tail as a favorable outcome for the player. However, in all such scenarios there can only be a win or a loss. If there is a win, the player has to be paid.

Flip Coin Bet
Flipping a coin for a random outcome

If there is a loss, the money that was deposited by the player is taken away by the system. So check out this money that you deposit as Bitcoin, that is, if our system accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment to begin the game. You can flip a coin with Bitcoin contests easily. Remember that there can be many variations in the game play. It can be anything from a simple round robin picking your turns game, to a match of best of 11 flips etc. As long as Bitcoin is the permissible mode of financial transaction for your game, you can flip your coin with Bitcoin contests.

Things To Keep In Mind in a Flip A Coin Bitcoin Contest

Gambling has always been a risky affair. Not only is there a risk of a loss in the game, but there is also a risk of money laundering in such places. Statistics show that online gambling and money laundering are highly correlated. It is simply because there are many loopholes in such systems for manipulation. Such systems are highly vulnerable to IT threats and attacks as well as malware, bugs, worms, etc. And when Bitcoin enters the picture, the scene becomes even more topsy-turvy from a security point of view. Therefore, it is best to choose a reliable and reputable platform for entering flip a coin games, or flipping coin contests, especially with Bitcoin. Consult your friends and family members who have played such games before to find the right places to play.

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